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Hello again. Sorry it’s been so long since the last post – life and all… So… what makes a good page a good and a bad page a bad page? Well looking at the sites that I posted last time, were you able to tell the differences and which were good and which were bad?

The first thing is visually. Which of those were the most visually appealing and why? Of the four examples, three are visually appealing – at least for Facebook standards. Which one is lacking? The Naked Limo page. Why know profile picture? Does that white suitcase look appealing to you at all? What???!! It doesn’t? LOL. Me neither. It doesn’t take much to upload a picture of yourself as a business owner, or a picture of, um, I don’t know… how about a LIMO?! This site is a limo company with no pictures of limos. In fact, there are no pictures at all. Next!

Next is content. Now look at one for Eugene Carpet Cleaning. Nothing Fancy, but it shows what their business does and the profile picture, while not awesome, still is appealing. If you have a dog and he has peed on the carpet, and you have scolded him for it – well, that’s the look he gives you. LOL. Also, their posting at the top of their page is for their website: Facebook is just a way to attract eyeballs, their website is where they get the business, so having this as the first post is a great idea. The rest of the content talks about who they are and what they do. And it has a ton of likes, so they must be doing something right.

Finally, Facebook has personal pages and Business pages – if you are a business, setup a business page for crying out loud. It’s free by the way. Look at the page for Accentz Window Tinting. This is setup as a personal page, but it represents his business. There is no like button like we saw with Eugene Carpet Cleaning’s Facebook site. I am not sure what cop cars have to do with window tinting, but I guess the windows are tinted. So visually it’s OK. But in addition to what content to use, how about RELEVANCY? The posting here would be fine on his personal Facebook page, but when I am looking for a window tinting company, do I really care about a kid that plays the drums? Don’t get me wrong, the kid is cute and all but… If you want to see a good window tinting Facebook page, the Trifer Tinting page is the look you are going for. Until next time, don’t give anyone reason to say “your page stinks!” Peace.


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